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Kingspan Renewables

Kitemark Microgeneration Scheme

The MCS was devised specifically to help build a rapidly growing microgeneration industry based on quality and reliability. This industry makes a substantial contribution to cutting the UK’s dependency on fossil fuels and its carbon dioxide emissions. MCS underpins government policies on low carbon and renewable onsite energy technologies and supports the Low Carbon Buildings Programme grants programme. To ensure that the consumer is protected and that government money is well spent, grants are only available to applicants whose products and installers satisfy rigorous criteria in three key areas:
Product certification involves type testing of products and an assessment of the manufacturing processes, materials, procedures and staff training.
Installer entails assessing the supply, design, installation, set-to-work and commissioning of microgeneration technologies
Consumer protection is maintained in that all sellers/suppliers of microgeneration systems are signed up to a Code of Practice set by the Office of Fair Trading.


Solar Keymark

Thermomax products were the first company to receive the European quality mark for solar collectors—the Solar Keymark. Awarded by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), the Solar Keymark provides assurance that the product complies with the highest European Standard(s). Solar collectors and solar thermal systems are rigorously tested concerning their efficiency, usability, safety and reliability.


Hail Impact Test (EN12975)

Kingspan Solar has undertaken the voluntary standard to test its tubes’ resistance by meeting Hail Impact (EN12975) test requirements. The test subjects the collectors to 1 inch ice balls fired at 50 miles per hour and Thermomax passed, showing the durability and strength of the product in all weather conditions.



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